Can I have some coffee during weight loss?

Can you drink coffee during weight loss?

Coffee can be drunk in an appropriate amount during weight loss, but generally, it is best to drink coffee without sugar during weight loss. In addition, black coffee has the best weight loss effect, but black coffee tastes bitter. If you are a friend you don’t like, you should drink less coffee during weight loss.


Drinking coffee properly during weight loss is helpful for weight loss because some coffee has the effect of decomposing fat. After caffeine in coffee is absorbed by the human body, it moves in the body to secrete adrenaline. This substance can promote the decomposition of fat cells in blood, and then it is discharged out of the body as a fatty acid. Caffeine itself has a very good diuretic effect. However, if you drink coffee for a long time and in large quantities, it is easy to cause bone loss, which will have adverse effects on the preservation of bone mass and may increase the threat of osteoporosis for women.


In addition, the best time to drink coffee during weight loss is about 30 minutes before exercise. Drinking a proper amount of coffee before exercise is actually beneficial to improving exercise performance.  When a person drinks a little coffee 30-40 minutes before exercise, the concentration of fatty acid in the blood of the human body will increase. At this time, proper exercise can turn the fatty acid in the body into heat energy, which will be fully burned when passing through our high-energy exercise. At this time, the fat will also be consumed.


What is the best coffee to lose weight?

Generally speaking, the coffee with the best weight loss effect is black coffee, but if you want to lose weight, you cannot add sugar to black coffee.


Although black coffee tastes bitter, its purity is the highest, so its weight loss effect is also the best. Black coffee can indeed promote the decomposition of fat. Caffeine in coffee can promote the decomposition of fat, so coffee can also lose weight!  Caffeine can accelerate the decomposition of fat and is consumed by participating in the metabolic process of the body. However, if these free fatty acids are not consumed by using muscles through exercise, they will soon return to neutral fat.  In other words, drinking coffee without exercise alone cannot achieve a good fat burning and weight loss effect.


Black coffee can help the body to drain excess fat. Drinking black coffee to lose weight is because caffeine can stimulate kidney function, which results in excessive sodium ions in the body’s endocrine system, which can improve body edema, thus achieving the effect of weight loss and slimming. Its a diuretic function is very ideal. In addition, it can also reduce coronary atherosclerosis and the incidence of stroke. However, if there is serious heart disease, it is not suitable for drinking too much strong coffee.


  1. No sugar

Adding sugar not only affects the weight loss effect of coffee but also increases the heat of coffee. Black coffee with cocoa purity of more than 75% has a strong and bitter taste. People say they cannot accept its bitter taste, so they all choose to add sugar when drinking black coffee.  This is difficult to achieve the effect of weight loss, drinking black coffee must not add condensed milk, sugar and sugar, sugar substances will affect fat decomposition, increase heat if really can’t stand the bitter taste can add a little sugar-free milk seasoning, but also not too much.

  1. Drink after meals

Drinking coffee to lose weight is also a matter of time. within 30 minutes to 1 hour after a meal, tasting a cup of strong black coffee can not only relieve your tense working mood, let you regroup to meet more work challenges, but also effectively decompose the fat taken in lunch, help digestion after a meal and promote fat burning.  If you can drink for a long time, you can also solve constipation.

  1. Doing exercise

The effect of losing weight on coffee alone is very limited. 30-40 minutes after drinking black coffee, the concentration of fatty acid in blood will become high. At this time, with proper exercise, the fatty acid can be converted into heat energy and fat can be burned effectively.  For example, take a brisk walk for 10-15 minutes and walk back to the office or home by stairs instead of taking the elevator.  You can also do some small movements in situ, such as twisting and stretching the upper body, standing on tiptoe and tucking in the abdomen.


  1. Baking temperature

Many people like high-temperature roasted coffee, but the weight loss effect will be greatly reduced. Generally, we all like to drink coffee with high roasting temperature, because the taste is rich and the taste is particularly good, but the content of caffeine is relatively small, and the obvious effect cannot be achieved when used for weight loss. To lose weight, it is better to choose lighter American coffee, which will be better for weight loss.


  1. Refuse instant coffee

There are many additives in instant coffee that are not conducive to weight loss. If conditions permit, ladies may as well make their own coffee. Because making your own coffee can leave coffee grounds, and coffee grounds are also good helpers to lose weight!  Massaging the body with coffee grounds can accelerate the decomposition of body fat, stimulate blood circulation, tighten skin, quickly eliminate edema, lose weight and beautify the body at the same time. It is really a double win!