A hunger-free diet requires only one month.

When we lose weight, we only need to reduce part of starch and sugar, and then part of fat. This protein cannot be reduced because it is useful. Vitamins cannot be reduced but only increased, and minerals cannot be reduced but only increased. Therefore, our idea is to supplement nutrition when losing weight.

Expert’s Opinion: Losing weight should not reduce nutrition, but supplement nutrition.

When we lose weight, we only need to reduce part of starch and sugar, and then part of fat. This protein cannot be reduced because it is useful. Vitamins cannot be reduced but only increased, and minerals cannot be reduced but only increased. Therefore, our idea is to supplement nutrition when losing weight.

Nutrition = getting fat?

No nutritious food can make you fat.  Nutritional foods are not fattening.  Fat needs to be broken down. This is a long road. There are many nutrients to help. If you don’t have enough vitamins and minerals and protein, you don’t even have the power to break down fat. It’s hard to lose weight.  Moreover, once you are malnourished, your body will not have vitality. How can you exercise well and consume your calories like this?

Brief Introduction of Slow Digestion Diet without Hunger;

  1. Eat foods with high nutritional value and low calorie.

It means that the nutrient value is high, but the caloric value is relatively low, that is, the so-called nutrient density is high, which is evaluated according to the caloric value.

For example, we need to eat calcium, which is a nutrient that we easily lack. If we use meat to supplement calcium, how much meat do you need?  100 grams of pork contains more than 500-kilocalories and only 6 milligrams of calcium. But milk is different, milk is 60 kilocalories, there are 100 milligrams of calcium, the density of calcium is a little bigger;  If you eat green vegetables, there will be 100 milligrams of calcium in the 30 calories of green vegetables, that is, if you eat small rape, calcium supplement will have such a great effect.  Therefore, you should not eat meat to supplement calcium, which is full of net fat and protein, and the amount of calcium is very small. However, if you eat rape to supplement calcium, you will not get fat if you supplement more, so you need not to worry at all.

How should I eat if I want to lose weight?

Why do you want to introduce so many kinds of food, because a healthy diet is made up of a variety of foods, and there is no substitute for each kind of food?

Fruits and vegetables: apple, kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, jujube, apricot, day lily, carrot, cucumber, tomato, sweet potato, yam.

Vegetables should be dark green leafy vegetables, cherries, citrus, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, and other fruits and vegetables because of the darker the color, the stronger the antioxidant capacity.

Fungi: potherb, toon, mushroom, kelp.

Edible vegetables, Chinese toon, mushrooms, kelp, and other fungi are very beneficial to weight loss. Although there is a slight difference in calories between edible fungi and leafy vegetables, its advantages lie in slow digestion, prolonged gastric emptying time, appetite control and weight loss.

Animals: fish, milk, eggs, spiced beef.

Animal food should pay attention to removing oil and choose a light cooking method.

Five bowls of cereal: black rice, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats.

Needling to lose weight also requires diet coordination. You should eat more grains such as black rice, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and oats.  Potatoes can be eaten like rice, their nutrition will be much better than rice, and they will not make people fat.  The reason why potatoes are fat is that you eat rice at the same time as potatoes. In addition, potatoes are made into potato chips, French fries and so on. Potatoes suck oil, so you eat a lot of fat.

Other categories: soybean milk, milk, honey, sesame, nuts.

Milk, soybean milk, honey, and sesame are also good choices.  Honey can be taken one spoonful a day.  Black sesame is rich in nutrition and can be used when cooking porridge.  Nuts should be eaten a small handful every day, in a moderate amount, not more. Sticking to eating can beautify the face.

  1. Eat food with slow digestion speed to control appetite.

The staple food includes red bean, soybean, kidney bean, mung bean, black bean, oat, buckwheat, oil wheat flour, brown rice, and whole wheat.

Vegetables: broccoli, cabbage flowers, green leafy vegetables with less oil, beans, radishes, and tomatoes.

  1. Cook with less oil, try to use the method of clear boiling blanching mix.

Slow digestion diet:

The frying temperature is very high, usually over 180 degrees, vitamins cannot be maintained, but if it is boiled and blanched, it will not exceed 100 degrees, so the nutritional ingredients will be good.  And there is a big advantage, is that the safety will be high, lampblack is carcinogenic, and oil will produce many toxic substances at high temperatures, so doing so can reduce the risk of our cancer.

Breakfast: one or two oatmeal porridge, one cup of milk (200g), one fruit and one boiled egg.

Chinese food: (staple food) steamed pumpkin, fried yam with agaric instead of rice (side dish), one or two of pure sauce beef (no oil), cold mixed spinach with old vinegar (less oil) or peeled roasted chicken, low-fat fish, and various dark green leafy vegetables.

Dinner: (staple food) red bean eight treasures porridge-red bean, oat, and purple rice are the main ingredients, which can be matched with a small number of peanuts, medlar, red dates (side dishes) various green leafy vegetables and bean products with little oil.

But eat more fish, most of which are low in fat.  People who lose weight should steam or boil fish directly when eating fish.  The hunger-free slow digestion diet has very high contents of various nutrients and will not cause loss of body nutrition.

Benefits of Slow Digestion and Weight Loss without Hunger:

  1. It will not cause nutritional deficiency or damage vitality and is currently one of the healthiest ways to lose weight.
  2. Without nutrition and beauty treatment, the skin will not relax and turn yellow.
  3. 3. It can maintain a normal diet every day, not because of excessive diet, and psychological diseases.
  4. 4. It will not rebound, insist on for a long time will develop a good habit of life.