Five foods will make you fat before you know it.

In fact, there are a lot of foods in our life, which seem to help us lose weight, but they are actually bad fattening foods.  A little inattention will make you much fatter.  List five common fattening foods and be careful to eat them.

  1. Fans

Starch is the main raw material of vermicelli.  Therefore, the carbohydrate (sugar) content of vermicelli is extremely high, and it is easy to cause blood sugar increase and fat accumulation after eating.

The quantity of a bag of vermicelli is about 100g, but the sugar content is as high as 85.5g, which is 2.5times that of white rice.  The fans are not dieted food, but extremely dangerous diet food.

  1. Walnut

Walnut is rich in nutrition and food fiber.  However, the calories of walnuts are also extremely high. After eating a large number of walnuts, they will cause the accumulation of fat in the body, causing the trouble of increasing fat and visceral fat.

Therefore, during weight loss, you should eat a moderate amount of walnuts, up to two a day.  In addition, we should eat walnuts earlier and avoid the period of slow metabolism as much as possible.

  1. Durian

Durian is the king of fruits. It is nutritious and nourishing.  However, durian is very high-calorie food. A 100g durian is equivalent to 5 bowls of rice.  It is not suitable for eating during weight loss.

  1. Dried fruit

In order to increase the sweetness of dried fruits sold on the market, a large amount of sugar is always added on the basis of the raw materials. After eating, it is easy for blood sugar to rise sharply and fat to accumulate.  You can eat more fruits during weight loss, but do not eat dried fruits with additives.  If you have to eat it, you can eat some original dried fruits without any additives, but you should control the consumption.

  1. Yogurt beverage

Yogurt beverage contains probiotics but also contains a lot of additives and sugar.  Compared with the harm of sugar and other additives to the body, the benefits of probiotics are negligible, so yogurt drink can’t improve the intestinal environment and lose weight. It is absolutely fattening food.  In order to supplement beneficial bacteria to the body, you can eat some hand-made yogurt, but yogurt drink is not recommended.

The above five foods are natural enemies of weight loss. If you don’t want to be obese seriously, you should avoid them during weight loss.