According to the 2-day diet list, you will definitely lose weight.

If you want to be thin, you must be completely thin. I will introduce you to the latest 2-day weight loss diet. As long as you follow it, you can definitely lose a lot of weight.

First-day diet list

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg with 4 pieces of milk and 250ml

Lunch: rice 2, tomatoes, cucumbers, and diced pears

Dinner: vegetarian noodles


Decline snack

On the first day of weight loss week, the body should return to normal state from weekend revelry and gluttony, therefore, some foods that can help detoxify and relieve fat should be selected.  However, friends who have had the habit of eating late-night snacks or eating at night should start to ” shrink their stomachs” slowly.  If you need to work overtime, please solve the problem before starting work.



The second day

A cup of black coffee for breakfast.

Caffeine in coffee can promote fat decomposition, and a cup of coffee in the morning can also help eliminate edema.  After drinking coffee for 30-40 minutes, the concentration of fatty acid in the blood will become higher. At this time, moderate exercise can convert fatty acid into heat energy, which can effectively burn fat.  Therefore, if conditions permit, it is best to get up and have a cup of coffee first, then quickly go downstairs after breakfast, and walk as fast as possible when transferring to transportation.

Breakfast: sesame paste roll 1 millet gruel boiled peanut 1 butterfly

Lunch: rice, 2 chicken shreds, fresh mushroom and broccoli

Dinner: steamed bread 1/2 minced meat, wax gourd, and garlic covered vegetables